All-Season or Winter Tires, the Definitive Answer!

If you’re having a difficult time determining whether or not you’re looking for a winter tire or an all season tire, look no further. All you have to do is consider the temperature of the place you live and the places you will be travelling to. The rubber compound of an all season tire is much harder than that of a winter tire and is built to perform in temperatures ABOVE Seven Degrees Celsius; conversely, a winter tire’s rubber compound is soft and is built to perform in temperatures Seven Degrees Celsius and BELOW.  So, if you live in or regularly travel to a place with temperatures dropping below Seven Degrees Celsius, you want to be putting winter tires on your vehicle.

The next question is, when do you have your winter tires installed? Common misconception is that time of year is the deciding factor here, but, you will want to your winter tires installed when the temperature is averaging between Zero and Seven Degrees daily. When the road pavement cools down to this temperature, even without snow on the ground, your winter tires will be far better performing than an all season tire as the harder rubber compound on an all-season stiffens and freezes at these low temperatures and affects the overall tire performance.   

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