X5 DPF filter

Today at beechmotorworks we had a 2010 BMW X5 diesel come in
with a warning stating that the DPF filters needed to be replaced.
Upon further diagnosis there is a preset service interval set by the
manufacturer that can end up costing the client
upwards of $10000.00 in parts alone and does not even allow the
client to have the filters tested or serviced; the dealer themselves
cannot override this warning. At beechmotorworks we have the
technology to be able to service and/or clean these filters.

We forgot to mention, these filters are built into the vehicles exhaust
system. We are then able to test the filters flow rate before and after
the service. In this instance the filters were operating at 100%.
Our German diagnostic partners were then able to write new
software enabling us to regenerate the filter settings and give the
client another 250000km on their existing filters without
replacement. Our total repair cost was under $800.00 including tax.

Needless to say the client was very excited and can continue to
enjoy his X5 for many more years.




BMW , X5
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